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Picking Strawberries

Okie Grown

Just Real, Good Food

Food Purees made with Organic Ingredients

You can always trust we are choosing the cleanest ingredients we can get our hands on. Always Organic and local, when possible. We use fresh ingredients down to spices, like ginger or clove, to give your family the most nutrients out of every pouch.

Never any added metals, pesticides, GMOs or harmful chemicals. Our packaging is BPA and Aluminum free. Our pouches also open from the bottom to make easy additions like medicine or vitamins.


Every Detail Matters.


"Big 8" Free

Reactions to allergies can be scary. Okie Grown Purees are always "Big 8" free so there's no wondering if your food is safe.

                "Big 8" Allergens 

       Wheat/Gluten     Tree Nuts       Seafood         Peanuts          Cows Milk

            Soy               Shellfish

Farmer Holding Fruit
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