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Eat Food?
Purees are for you & your family!

Purees for Grown-ups.

Forget the "baby food" stigma. Our purees are just real, organic food in convenient packaging. Whether you're on the go, golfing, fishing, or just plain don't have time when you spend your lunch break at the gym... think of these as a smoothie without any extra chemicals &  additives the big companies include. We just package health and sustenance.


Digestion/Swallowing Issues

Digestion and swallowing hardships are common issues, with many of those stemming from our current food supply. Okie Grown Purees are produced with organic ingredients (as local as we can source it). Life shouldn't be lived on Ensure. Try our purees, and taste the quality.

*Special blends available for strict diets. Please use contact form.

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Nutrients for the Babes

Little bodies need the best fuel possible to grow healthy and strong.   Parents  want the very best for their children, but may not have the time or ability to pick and choose through the false health claims of what's currently available on grocery shelves. The term "organic" can be misleading when baby foods still include heavy metals and preservatives. You only get one chance to build their  health foundation... just like a little garden, you need to feed it the right nutrients for healthy growth. 

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