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How safe is what's on the shelves

Big brand  purees and drink supplements found on store shelves often contain high levels of sugars, stabilizing chemicals and heavy metals. Even though they are labeled "Organic", they contain many hidden poisons. Don't take our word for it, take a look below...

The FDA literally approves

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   We thought long and hard about going through the process of being certified "Organic". However, it occurred to us that we would be doing business by the rules of the same system that says heavy metals in baby food are acceptable. Becoming certified is a very lengthy, expensive process that cuts small farmers out of the market even though they believe as strongly as we do about clean food and never use pesticides or chemicals. We know that just because the FDA claims it's healthy, does not mean it is true. Therefore, we have opted to do our research to bring you the best ingredients available for you and your family.

Certified Organic?

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